About Allyn and Allyn's Going Bananas

What started out as a way to save money on family desserts and quick breads, has now become a shared passion for quality, homemade, appetizing and mouth-watering baked goods.Allyn's Going Bananas Breads

Allyn's Going Bananas Bakery, LLC began as a hobby to help me - as a stay-at-home Dad - spend my afternoons. After lunch Addie and Ellie would go down for a nap, I'd do dishes, straighten the house, finish other chores that needed to be done, and then it was pretty boring until the girls woke up later in the day. Well, I just couldn't (and still cannot) find interest in daytime television, so I began teaching myself to bake.

Through trial-and-error I was able to learn to bake quick breads and Gooey Butter cakes. Friends and family kept saying (as I achieved skill) that "you should sell this; I would buy it". Conversations with my wife soon gave way to action and Allyn's Going Bananas was developed - both as a way to describe the main focus of the business (Banana and other quick breads) but also as a tongue-in-cheek jab at what I was experiencing as a stay-at-home Dad, who had held a job (with minimal infant and toddler contact) since I could remember.

Three years later I have expanded the menu to include other family favorites including fresh fruit muffins, savory breads and rolls, traditional and special order cakes and cupcakes, fudge and brownies. Always on the look-out for new recipes and flavors, I have tried many different items - some I've kept, some I haven't. Hoping to satisfy tastes of all types, I've started a new line called Drunken Desserts, alcohol-infused cakes, cupcakes and fudge.

Located in Kirkland, IL, Allyn's Going Bananas Bakery, LLC is a family owned business, operating out of my at-home kitchen. Being made at my home means one very important thing to you... Everything is made-to-order. Nothing is frozen or stored, waiting for a customer to call for pick-up. You won't be eating a cake that has sat around for a few days or has been shipped frozen from a commercial kitchen to a grocery store. 100% fresh, 100% homemade - that is what you will be enjoying.

Whether I'm baking an order of a single loaf, five cakes, or Party Platters for 50 - each order receives the same amount of determination to bake YOU happy. Call me today to place your order.

The History of Allyn's Going Bananas

The name says it all: Allyn's Going Bananas!Allyn's Going Bananas Party Platters

As a new stay-at-home Dad of a 2-1/2 year old and a 6 month old baby, my afternoons were filled with boredom. The girls were up in the morning, active and keeping me busy - but after lunch? Nap time for them, and after a brisk cleanup of dishes and toys, all I was left with was afternoon TV. And that is something I could not embrace.

Wanting to save a few dollars and trying to stay active in the afternoon, I began baking desserts and breads for my family. Being self-taught meant a couple of goofs, fallen cakes and loaves that weren't what I wanted, but I got better. My girls soon loved the homemade smells and flavors that I began to create. Banana breads, Gooey Butter and traditional cakes were just the beginning. Fudge, brownies, pies, cobblers and crisps, muffins and other homemade baked treats began to emerge from my kitchen. And, as my friends and family, continued to reap the benefits of my afternoons it became a common suggestion that I offer these for sale. With the help and further encouragement of my wife, Allyn's Going Bananas began as a business venture.

Now, three years later, Allyn's Going Bananas has grown to accommodate birthday parties, bridal showers, brunches, office parties and family and social gatherings of many sizes with individual items or our party platters. Offering fresh-baked, homemade treats is a pleasure that I have thoroughly grown to enjoy. I eagerly look forward to each morning to see if a new request will result in an additional flavor or special order item.

Contact us for your homemade baked treats today. Tell me... How can I bake YOU happy?