Drunken Desserts

"Hey! You got your alcohol in my dessert!"

"No, you got your dessert in my alcohol!"

Either way you look at (or taste!) it, Drunken Desserts are a fantastic treats for the adults at your party, get-together, or holiday.

Offering alcohol-infused fudge, as well as cakes and cupcakes, Allyn's Going Bananas is continuously striving to bring new and better dessert options to our customers.

Current flavors include: Rum, Brandy, Tequila, Creme de Menthe, Lime or Strawberry Margarita, Bailey's Irish Cream, Red Wine, Bourbon, Amaretto and Strawberry Daiquiri.

And while the alcohol does bake out of the cakes and cupcakes, it is still very present in the frostings and fudge. It may not be enough to get an adult drunk - although enough of it will have you feeling warm and friendly!

Allyn's Going Bananas Amaretto Fudge
Allyn's Going Bananas Amaretto Stone Sour Fudge
Allyn's Going Bananas Strawberry Daiquiri
Allyn's Going Bananas Tequila Lime Margarita
Allyn's Going Bananas Rum Chata
Allyn's Going Bananas Bailey's Irish Cream

* Please share and enjoy these decadent treats responsibly!