"The pumpkin whoopie pies were a big hit at my work. I ordered 2 1/2 dozen and they were all gone within 2 hours.. They are so good I ate about 4 of them myself lol... Thanks Allyn for all your hard work!! "

Lacy B

"Ordered fudge on a whim after seeing posts on Facebook. Excellent! Super rich and chocolatey...didn't last 24hrs. Will definitely be trying more items on the next holiday or random dinner party. Breads look amazing. Thank you so much! "

Katie A

"Delivery of my first order from "Allyn's Going Banana" has arrived!!! I skipped lunch so I have room for these beauties in my tummy and it was SO worth the wait! 😃 😃 😃 The Chocolate Raspberry Gooey Cake is so gooey, so rich, it's almost sinful. And you can easily taste each different ingredient in it. The German Chocolate Cake is so moist that crumbs of cake actually fell off just from being moved around (!?!). The Blueberry Banana Bread is also excellent - I'm usually not a fan of this kind of bread because I find them too dense for my preference or the featured ingredient is never enough, but Allyn's is packed with blueberries and you can really taste the freshness in each bite 😊 If you haven't tried, I highly recommend to take a break from pastries you get from supermarkets/chains and give Allyn's Going Banana (100℅ homemade) a try. Plus, they deliver (real human)! Makes a world of difference on a cold day like today, burrrrrrr Everything taste fantastic, thanks Allyn! "

Manny T

"Carrot cake was a hit! Thank you! "

Darren C

"So is the fudge, outstanding! Good luck to you. Can't wait to try the German chocolate cake!"

Bonnie B

"My mom gave me some of her cookies and omg I love the m&m sugar cookies all of them are delicious but these are my favorite."

Tiffani S

"I have a friend that's been purchasing from you for the holidays. For Thanksgiving we had the zucchini bread's and they were delicious. For Christmas my friend purchased me a gooey butter cake. I am from St. Louis and there's no place up here to get a good gooey cake. And when I went back The bakery I used to go to is no longer there and I was very sad about that. A lot of people make these cakes but they never taste the same. I tasted yours and just put it this way there's nothing left of it! Loved it I am partial to the regional gooey cake. I've never tried any other flavors but I did try the blueberry last night for the first time. And it was very delicious. I do love red velvet so I will definitely have to try the other flavors. Thank you! You are a wonderful baker, keep up the good baking! I will be sharing your site on my Facebook! "

Honesty G

"Baby shower went very well & the cupcakes were delicious! TYSVM Allyns!"

Kandi C

"Omg... You, have amazing baking skills. Merry Christmas, to you. I'll keep you n mind next get together. Xoxo "

Helena G

"I ordered the chocolate caramel fudge and my work ate it in a day, I am still working on the peppermint fudge however half of it is gone :) so good. I also ordered the gluten free blueberry walnut bread and for it being gluten free its very tasty with my eggs at breakfast. Thank you Allyn will be ordering more! "

Michelle Ann K


Erin H

"I ordered the s'mores brownies they were delicious, can't wait to try other bake goods"

Sally Jean G

"I'm actually in Byron.. My brother had me sample some of your goodies! Totally amazing! "

Terry J

"Zucchini bread is awesome..."

Robin W